Lucent Sky partners with Onward Security to help customers strengthen software supply chain

May 08, 2024

New collaborations between Lucent Sky AVM and SecSAM streamline the process for organizations to identify, manage, and remediate vulnerabilities in software components.

SAN FRANCISCO, California, and TAIPEI, Taiwan - May 8, 2024 - Lucent Sky Corporation (“Lucent Sky”), a pioneer of automatic vulnerability remediation technologies, in partnership with Onward Security, a DEKRA company (“Onward Security”), today announced new integrations between Lucent Sky AVM, an application vulnerability remediation system, and Onward security’s HERCULES SecSAM, a security assessment and vulnerability management platform. The integrations enable DEKRA and Lucent Sky customers to assess and improve the security of software components in a streamlined experience.

With the increasing frequency of software supply chain attacks, doubling in frequency each year as observed in 2023, the need for robust security measures has never been more critical. Despite this urgency, near 40% of organizations report taking over a week to address known vulnerabilities in software components, or never address them, due to the complexity involved. The integration of Lucent Sky AVM with HERCULES SecSAM is poised to streamline this process, offering development and security teams a consolidated view to swiftly identify and rectify security weaknesses across the software components in their infrastructures.

“Our customers have found Lucent Sky AVM’s source code and binary analysis and automatic remediation capabilities to be effective in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in source code, binary, and dependencies,” said Jim Liu, co-founder and CTO of Lucent Sky. “SecSAM offers a centralized platform for managing and tracking software components throughout the SDLC. Lucent Sky AVM will feed the software components it identified to SecSAM and help remediate the vulnerabilities found in the software components tracked by SecSAM.”

Lucent Sky AVM scans an application for known and unknown vulnerabilities in its source code, binary files, and software dependencies, and catalogs the application’s components to create a software bill of material, or SBOM. Its proprietary remediation algorithms generate “Instant Fixes” – secure code modifications that directly remediate common source code vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, SQL injections, and privacy violations. When components with known vulnerabilities are found, the remediation algorithms also provide update guidance for developers to update the vulnerable components to a secure and compatible version. When integrated with Lucent Sky AVM, SecSAM ingests and corelates these data with other assessment information, and users can access the list of components, identified vulnerabilities, and apply update guidance directly in a centralized platform.

“The collaboration between SecSAM and Lucent Sky AVM is a significant step forward,” said Daniel Liu, Chief Technology Officer of Onward Security. “Lucent Sky AVM’s ability to identify software components in various formats and provide immediate solutions for vulnerable code or dependencies complements SecSAM’s core proposal of centrally and continuously monitor software components for vulnerabilities, enabling our customers to effectively manage the security of their software supply chain.”

About Onward Security, a DEKRA company

Onward Security, a DEKRA company since 2023, provides IoT cybersecurity solutions. The company operates some of the most advanced cybersecurity assessment labs in Asia, and is an independent software vendor of AI cybersecurity assessment products. Onward Security helps customers in IoT/IIoT manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare to manage software risks and vulnerabilities.

About Lucent Sky

Lucent Sky designs tools to accelerate and scale application security processes. The company was founded in 2012 to enable organizations to start application security early and throughout the software development lifecycle. Lucent Sky is headquartered in San Francisco with a regional office in Taipei, and serves customers around the world.

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