Lucent Sky AVM version 2106 MR released

June 28, 2021

Welcome to Lucent Sky AVM version 2106 MR, the second Minor Release for 2021. Performance is the primary focus of this release, and it comes with faster language parsing, more scalable I/O subsystem, and performance improvements on eight analysis engines. This release also brings native Gradle support and improved support for Maven applications. In 2106 MR, the CLI also gets "autopilot", a feature that takes the guesswork out of setting up applications for analysis. To learn more about this release, visit [Lucent Sky AVM version 2106 release notes(" target="_blank"></a>.)

Gradle and Maven support

Applications using Gradle can now be natively built on Lucent Sky AVM. The build artifact and the accompanying source code will then be analyzed. Currently, only build scripts compatible with Gradle 7 are supported.

For Maven applications, improvements on this release includes support for custom POM files and compatibility with a bigger range of build artifacts.


Autopilot is a new interface for the CLI. At its current form, autopilot will automatically detect the application frameworks, languages, and build tools of the specified source code archive, and use these information to automatically create and start scans for each corresponding frameworks. More functionalities, such as including necessary scan arguments and combining reports, are planned for future releases. By taking the guesswork of properly scanning an application out of the process, autopilot will make the CLI more accessible to non-developers.

Updating to 2106 MR

If you are using Lucent Sky AVM Enterprise or Standard Edition (either on-premise or cloud) and have an active subscription, you can update to 2106 MR immediately. Our support team will reach out to you shortly to schedule an update. If you are using Lucent Sky AVM On-Demand, your server will be updated to 2106 MR in the next few days.