Lucent Sky during the novel coronavirus epidemic

March 12, 2020

We know our customers around the world rely on Lucent Sky products to accelerate their development and security processes. We’d like to share with you how Lucent Sky is handling the novel coronavirus (also known as Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic.

The safety and wellbeing of the members of our team and customers are our top priority. We have enacted policies to achieve this, including encouraging every member of our team to work from home, and temporarily closing our offices in San Francisco and Taipei. As a globally-distributed team, these has minimal impact of our operations. The new release of Lucent Sky AVM is on schedule, and our support team is fully operational.

We also understand that some of our customers are experiencing greater impact due to the epidemic, and we have implemented policies aiming to lessen their burden:

Free Direct support plan

We will expand the Direct support plan to all Lucent Sky customers impacted by the coronavirus epidemic, including those on Basic and Standard support plans, free of charge. The Direct support plan includes email and phone access to our support engineers, and enables customers to create cases with severity B and A. Additionally, we will be waiving any case limit their support plans might have.

License expansion and extension

We understand some of our customers might be unable use their Lucent Sky products while their teams work from home. If your organization has on-prem Lucent Sky products but is migrating development workloads to the cloud, we can provide you with additional product licenses so you can continue using your subscriptions; if your organization is unable to use your on-prem Lucent Sky products, you can ask us to have their subscriptions extended.

Free product usage for hospitals

Hospitals are on the frontline against this epidemic, yet they continue to face grave threats from ransomware to vulnerability exploitation. To help lessen their burdens, we will provide unlimited free Lucent Sky AVM On-Demand scans, either self-service or managed by a Lucent Sky support engineer, to hospitals and other healthcare facilities in markets we operate. Please contact us if we can help.

Let’s get through this together

We have also asked our members across the globe to play a part in helping with the challenges presented by this epidemic. So please reach out to us or any of our team members if you think we can help. Let’s get through this together.