Welcome to Lucent Sky AVM version 1909 SU1, the first Servicing Update to v1909. This release includes updates to direct binary analysis and bug fixes. To learn more about this release, visit Lucent Sky AVM version 1909 release notes.

What’s new in 1909 SU1

  • Vulnerability categorization now includes the version of the categories (such as OWASP Top 10 2017).

  • When generating reports or secured source code on an instance with slow disk I/O, a less aggressive data access strategy will be used to reduce I/O stress.

Issues fixed in 1909 SU1

These are the issues addressed in 1909 SU1:

  • We fixed an issue where the specified binary analysis target is not included when using direct binary analysis if the target falls outside of the .NET project.

  • We fixed an issue where the download link for PDF report is available even when PDF report generation failed.

If you are using Lucent Sky AVM Enterprise or Standard Edition (either on-premise or cloud) and have an active subscription, you can update to 1909 SU1 immediately. Our support team will reach out to you shortly to schedule an update. If you are using Lucent Sky AVM On-Demand, your server will be updated to 1909 SU1 in the next few days.