Welcome to Lucent Sky AVM version 1809. This is the second major update of 2018, and brings us architectural changes, and significant updates for stages throughout the scanning process.

Updates in Lucent Sky AVM version 1809 include:

  • Architectural improvements - The bulk of changes in version 1809 are architectural. While these changes not visible to most users, they make Lucent Sky AVM more scalable. In the next several months, new features will be added to take advantage of these architectural changes.
  • Java build with Ant 1.10 - Java build with Ant 1.10 was introduced in version 1807 as a preview feature, with the goal of improving compatibility with Java applications built with Ant. In version 1809, Ant 1.10 becomes the default Java build and will be used to build Java applications unless Maven (with scan argument "JavaBuild,maven") or Ant 1.9 (with scan argument "JavaBuild,legacy") is specified.
  • PHP source code analysis - A new source code analyzer is available for PHP, allowing PHP applications to be analyzed without being converted to an intermediate format. The use the legacy IL-based PHP analysis engine, include "AnalysisEngines,1,11" in the scan arguments.
  • Analysis enhancements - The binary analysis engine and source code analysis engine both received additional security rules for better vulnerability detection and custom security mechanism discovery.
  • Remediation enhancements - The remediation algorithms received numerous enhancements to improve the accuracy of Instant Fix generation.
  • MSBuild improvements (NuGet) - MSBuild is now capable of automatically restoring NuGet packages for .NET Core applications.
  • Web UI improvements - A warning message will now be displayed when the installed license is about to expire or exhaust, or the server is low on resources.
  • Automated update data migration - Data migration after a version update is now executed automatically, based on the current and target version numbers and data revisions. Due to this change, only version 1804 and later can be updated to version 1809.
  • Bug fix - Several UI bug fixes and other cosmetic improvements were included in version 1809.

If you are using Lucent Sky AVM Enterprise, Standard or Test Edition (either on-premise or cloud) and have an active subscription or maintenance agreement, you can update to Lucent Sky AVM v1809 immediately. Our support team will reach out to you shortly to schedule an update. If you are using Lucent Sky AVM On-Demand, your server will be updated to Lucent Sky AVM v1809 in the next few days.