Lucent Sky AVM adds support for punched card

April 01, 2018

Over the last two years, some of our customers have been telling us that in addition to scanning server and mobile applications, they want to scan the applications they built for data science. We know the ability to analyze data accurately and securely would be a key for enterprises, so we set out to see how to make Lucent Sky AVM useful for data scientists. After 18 months of research by our engineering team, we are proud to announce that Lucent Sky AVM now supports a technology stack that has been the pioneer of data science, punched card.

Not unlike modern languages, programs using punched cards are prone to attacks such as injection (when a malicious card being injected in an arbitrary location) and denial-of-service (when a laced card is inserted causing the card reader to jam). By scanning the punched cards with Lucent Sky AVM, these time-consuming errors can be easily identified and automatically remediated.

To scan your punched card programs with Lucent Sky AVM, a PUNCH (or Protocol for Unified Non-volatile Coherence Hosting) system is required. The PUNCH system reads the punched cards and converts them to an intermediate language for Lucent Sky AVM to analyze. Once the analysis is completed, the PUNCH system will again write the generated Instant Fixes to a stack of empty punched cards.

Here is an example card with vulnerabilities:
A punched card with vulnerabilities

And a new card with the vulnerabilities remediated:
A punched card with vulnerabilities remediated

Customers of Lucent Sky AVM Enterprise will be able to analyze unlimited number of punched cards in a single scan, while those of Lucent Sky AVM Standard will be able to analyze up to one thousand cards in a single scan. In addition, we are giving away a PUNCH system to every customer with an active Lucent Sky AVM subscription. We hope you are as excited about punched card support as we are!