CLEAR Engine API 2.0 released

January 08, 2018

As part of Lucent Sky AVM 5.0, CLEAR Engine’s API has been updated to 2.0. The CLEAR Engine API is used by web UI, CLI and other customer-built interfaces. The v2 API is not backward-compatible with the v1 API found in Lucent Sky AVM 2.0 to 4.8.

Updates and changes in CLEAR Engine API 2.0 includes:

Starting with Lucent Sky AVM 5.0, CLEAR Engine will switch to API v2.0. If you only use clients developed by Lucent Sky (web UI, CLI and IDE plug-ins for Visual Studio and Eclipse), you don’t have to make any change. However, if you have custom-built interfaces for CLEAR Engine, you will have to update them to use the v2 API. The estimated effort to update a full-featured client to use the v2.0 API schema, but without taking advantage of the new features, is about 6 hours. If you require support updating your custom-built interface, contact Lucent Sky Support.