Introducing Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program

June 24, 2016

Ahead of the release of Lucent Sky AVM 3.5 next week, we are introducing the Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program. The Preview Program enables users to experience and try out the latest in application vulnerability mitigation technologies, while maintaining the reliability they have come to expect from Lucent Sky AVM.

All Lucent Sky AVM users with a valid subscription are eligible to join the Preview Program, and can enable preview features in their Lucent Sky AVM instances once they have received a preview-enabled license. Users with Enterprise Edition licenses can also request addition licenses (without consuming their license quota) that allow for installation of additional preview instances.

Before enabling preview features, please keep in mind that preview features are subject to reduced or different service terms, as set forth in the preview supplemental terms. Using a Lucent Sky AVM instance with a preview license but with preview features disabled are not subject to these terms.

To join the Lucent Sky AVM Preview Program, contact Lucent Sky support or your local Lucent Sky affiliate.