Lucent Sky AVM 2.8 released

September 30, 2015

The focus of Lucent Sky AVM 2.8 is the manageability of supporting multiple application servers (called “Runtime” in Lucent Sky AVM). This allows users to scan applications designed for different application servers at ease.

The idea of choosing an application server might sound foreign to .NET and PHP developers, as both have a dominating application server (Microsoft .NET Framework for .NET and Zend Server for PHP). Java developers, however, often design their applications targeting one of the popular application servers such as Tomcat or WebSphere.

While Lucent Sky AVM has always supported Java EE, adding support for features of a specific runtime required users to customize their Lucent Sky AVM Server. Starting with Lucent Sky AVM 2.8, users can maintain multiple runtimes for a single framework in the system, and set their application to be scanned using the particular runtime it was built for. In this release, Tomcat 6, 7 and 8 are built-in, with additional runtimes being included in the coming releases. Users can also create additional runtimes (for example, a particular version of JBoss) by uploading its binary files to Lucent Sky AVM.

For .NET and PHP users, creating additional runtimes will come in handy for maintaining a set of libraries that are used by a group of applications. For example, a user can create a “Crystal Reports v13” for all applications using Crystal Reports 13.0. Doing so will eliminate the need of including Crystal Reports 13.0 libraries in the source code archive of these applications when scanning them using Lucent Sky AVM.

In addition to runtime management, additional features in Lucent Sky AVM 2.8 includes

Updating to 2.8

If you are using Lucent Sky AVM Standard or Enterprise (either on-premise and cloud), you can update to Lucent Sky AVM 2.8 immediately. Our support team will reach out to you shortly to schedule an update. If you are using Lucent Sky AVM On-Demand, your server will be updated to Lucent Sky AVM 2.8 in the next few days.