Lucent Sky AVM 2.0 released with support for PHP

January 09, 2015

Lucent Sky released the next version of its flagship product, Lucent Sky AVM. Lucent Sky AVM 2.0 adds support for PHP application, as well as new features such as custom mitigation libraries and new mitigation algorithms.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 9, 2015 – Lucent Sky is happy to announce the release of Lucent Sky AVM 2.0, the latest version of their flagship Application Vulnerability Mitigation product. This version includes two technical breakthroughs that enhance the capabilities of automated application vulnerability mitigation. The first is the inclusion of compatibility with PHP language applications. PHP is the third language covered by AVM, following the original .NET version and the release of Java capability.

The second technical breakthrough is the introduction of custom mitigations. Now, users can customize the mitigation libraries used within their applications. This will allow for a more tailored experience for those using AVM across their application portfolios, while preserving their access to the standard libraries of instant fixes.

Together, these two enhancements will allow for a more complete and customized experience for users working in .NET, Java and PHP applications.

The release included other improvements, including:

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About Lucent Sky

Lucent Sky is an enterprise software provider of application vulnerability mitigation (AVM) that saves more than 90% of the time and cost of securing an application. With just a few mouse click, Lucent Sky AVM goes through a website’s source code, finds and fixes problems that hackers can exploit, and then delivers the secured source code back to the user for deployment. Lucent Sky makes application security simple, integral and manageable and Lucent Sky AVM is the first commercial solution in application vulnerability mitigation (AVM).