Lucent Sky to participate Taiwan Java Developer Day and to present in keynote session on August 1 in Taiepi.

Taipei, Taiwan – June 27, 2014 – Lucent Sky is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Taiwan Java Developer Day event, to be held on August 1 in Taipei International Convention Center. This annual event focuses on engaging developers and companies in the Java community, and has reach across Taiwan and South East Asia. Lucent Sky will be making a presentation entitled, “Secure the Development Process: AVM and Case Study.” The presentation will introduce Lucent Sky AVM, the first commercial solution in automatic application vulnerability mitigation (AVM) technology, and help developers learn how to implement best of breed solutions to enhance their development processes. With the renewed focus on security in the Java community, Lucent Sky is excited to showcase its groundbreaking work securing code written in Java.

About Lucent Sky

Lucent Sky is an enterprise software provider of application vulnerability mitigation (AVM) that saves more than 90% of the time and cost of securing an application. With just a few mouse click, Lucent Sky AVM goes through a website’s source code, finds and fixes problems that hackers can exploit, and then delivers the secured source code back to the user for deployment.

Lucent Sky has offices in San Francisco, California, and Taipei, Taiwan, and aims to make application security simple, integral and manageable. Lucent Sky AVM is the first commercial solution in automatic application vulnerability mitigation.

Lucent Sky media contact: [email protected]

About Java Developer Day

Java Developer Day is a once annual event hosted by Oracle for the purpose of introducing new Java relevant technology to professionals. Last year, the event engaged over 1,300 attendees, representing companies across industries, and positions such as IT directors, CIO’s and Java programmers. For more information, please visit: