Lucent Sky meets with industry leaders across South East Asia as part of Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry Roadshow.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – 14 June 2014 – Lucent Sky recently completed a roadshow in collaboration with Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry. Titled “Taiwan’s Innovative ICT Solution and Business Opportunity Roadshow,” the trip allowed for companies with presence in Taiwan to demonstrate their technologies and meet with regional customers, resellers and industry leaders in South East Asia.

“AVM (application vulnerability mitigation) technology is cutting-edge, and can rapidly improve efficiency and quality during software development for companies and relevant consulting firms. From our customer feedback, AVM can save up to 98% of associated costs and working hours by automatically mitigating vulnerabilities” said Maggie Lee, a Senior Business Development Manager, who was also featured in an interview for Malaysian TV2 News Channel. “We are glad to know that the companies that recently adopted AVM could fully focus on functionality and other priorities during the development process. With AVM, security and efficiency don’t have to be tradeoffs!”

Lucent Sky had the opportunity to present their groundbreaking AVM technology to leaders from the financial services, government and consulting industries. Similar to a static analyzer, Lucent Sky AVM analyzes source code for vulnerabilities - ways that hackers or other parties can exploit to gain unauthorized access to stored information, such as personal data or credit card numbers. After identifying the vulnerabilities, Lucent Sky AVM is able to insert corrected source code into the problem areas, solving many security problems before they present themselves. “Many customers were excited by our ability to scalably address problems they currently solve manually. Being able to automate the fixing process is a huge value add that we look forward to helping them incorporate into their practices.”

About Lucent Sky

Lucent Sky is an enterprise software provider of application vulnerability mitigation (AVM) that saves more than 90% of the time and cost of securing an application. With just a few mouse click, Lucent Sky AVM goes through a website’s source code, finds and fixes problems that hackers can exploit, and then delivers the secured source code back to the user for deployment.

Lucent Sky has offices in San Francisco, California, and Taipei, Taiwan, and aims to make application security simple, integral and manageable. Lucent Sky AVM is the first commercial solution in automatic application vulnerability mitigation.

Lucent Sky media contact: [email protected]