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Lucent Sky works with New Relic to put offline security into runtime analytics
November 23, 2014

We recently released our integration with New Relic, a leading Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution – we’re really excited about showing our customers how offline AVM impacts their application performance online. We wrote the blog post for their blog, and shared more about our integration with New Relic and the benefits this partnership can bring to our customers.

When designing an application, there’s often a trade-off between performance and security. For example, using a larger key size for encryption will make it harder to decipher, but it will also take more resources to encrypt and decrypt. When it comes to writing secure source code, however, this performance/security trade-off may not apply.

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Visa selects Lucent Sky to participate in FinTech Innovation Asia as technology partner
November 17, 2014

Last week Lucent Sky participated in FinTech Asia, hosted by Visa at the Red Dot Museum in Singapore. Lucent Sky was a technology partner for the event, which featured a select group of technology companies alongside tens of banks, payment providers and financial institutions throughout South East Asia.

Highlights from the event included presentations by the Chief Creative Officer of IDEO, Paul Bennett, and a series of panel discussions highlighting the rise of the sharing economy in Asia, innovation strategy and practice, and prevailing trends in FinTech innovation in Asia.

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Lucent Sky services unaffected by OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability, affirms need for constant vigilance in security practices
April 10, 2014

Security researchers recently revealed a major flaw in the OpenSSL encryption software library used by many websites to protect customers’ data. The vulnerability, known as “Heartbleed,” was determined to be present across a number of software vendors, and has the potential to allow unauthorized access to a website’s customer data and traffic encryption keys.

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