Lucent Sky breaks new ground in application security with release of new editions of CLEAR

May 15, 2013

Today’s concurrent release of a hardware version and Developer Edition of Lucent Sky CLEAR marks a significant advancement in the speed of application vulnerability mitigation, and extends commercial availability to developers.

PASADENA, California – May 15, 2013 – Lucent Sky is pleased to announce the availability of a hardware version of Lucent Sky CLEAR for enterprise use, and the release of its Developer Edition.

Lucent Sky CLEAR is the first automatic solution in application vulnerability mitigation. The hardware version of Lucent Sky CLEAR Enterprise Edition is able to automatically secure web applications at a rate of up to 200 vulnerabilities per second through the use of locally-deployed, high performance computing.

“The speed of the hardware version allows enterprise customers to analyze and mitigate multiple large projects over night. It’s the perfect solution for companies that need a unified vulnerability mitigation solution across multiple projects,” said company co-founder, Jim Liu.

By securing for cross-site scripting and privacy violation – the two most common types of application vulnerabilities – the Developer Edition of Lucent Sky CLEAR gives developers working alone, in teams, or within organizations access to automatic vulnerability mitigation. Sold online from, the Developer Edition can be purchased as a subscription or for one-time use, and includes IDE integration and community support.

By allowing users to easily and affordably integrate security into their software development lifecycle, the Developer Edition of Lucent Sky CLEAR is Lucent Sky’s next step to “make security simple.”