Lucent Sky CLEAR Makes Web Applications More Secure

March 02, 2012

Lucent Sky announces CLEAR, a static application vulnerability mitigation system that helps make websites more secure and reliable.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – March 2, 2012 – Today, Lucent Sky announced CLEAR, a web application security enhancement system that helps make websites more secure and reliable. In 2011, 70% of websites are vulnerable to data theft, and 366 million pieces of sensitive data were stolen in that year. CLEAR can make web applications more secure by fixing the vulnerabilities automatically.

In the past, automatic application security solutions were never truly automatic. They require intensive programming efforts to really address vulnerabilities. Many applications are left unmitigated because their stakeholders don’t have the time or budget to secure them.

CLEAR was developed to solve this problem. It goes through source code looking for security issues, and the uniquely-designed CLEAR engine mitigates the vulnerabilities intelligently. Users are then presented with the secured source code, ready for deployment.

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